Our Mission

We created Good End to change the way the world thinks about and does business.

Our Family

Brittany Gooden

Founder & CEO.


The idea for Good End came to Brittany when she realized how often friends of small businesses approached her to help them create digital content to support their brand marketing. But with her experience in content creation working on large-scale productions in TV, media, and advertising, she knew the ins and outs of creating just one piece of content would require a thought-out strategy and a sizable budget that almost always wouldn’t guarantee a significant return.


Most of these knowledge seekers happened to be trailblazing women and people of color whose businesses are centered around a cause, so Brittany sought to help them create the marketing and digital tools they need on their own so their companies can continue to thrive. With an eye for engaging visuals and a passion for supporting the entrepreneurial community, Good End was formed.⁠

Phil Mitch

Creative and founder of 8H Collective.

Rakiya Steans

Project Manager & Business Analyst Consultant

Why We Care and How We Create Change

Many clubs claim to be inclusive, yet their pricing, leadership, and community don’t reflect their claims. We want something different, so we are creating it.


As consultants for small businesses and large corporations alike, we’ve seen how an elite team of ten and a budget of $150K can produce top-tier results. (Obviously.) But we’ve also seen how a strong mission and an at-home video can go viral. So we set out to level the playing field for small business owners, especially women of color. How? By taking it back to basics.


For starters, we know that only with a strong network have we ever achieved success. We built a purpose-driven community into intelligent workflow automation—all at an affordable price.